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The FIP Board

FIP is a self-owning, non-profit association (forening) whose membership is open solely to parents of its enrolled students. 

The FIP Board consists of:  the Director, 3-5 parents  and 1 staff representative.

The Director is a permanent member of the FIP Board. At the first General Parent Meeting (GPM), parent members are elected by the Parent Council (parents of enrolled children), for one academic year at a time.

The Staff Representative is voted on by the FIP staff. The Parent Council also approve the vote of the Staff Representative at the GPM.

The Board's success in its role is dependent on a good communication with FIP parents and the FIP staff.

The FIP Board meet once a month during term time.

We are open to any input, ideas, comments, so we can work together to improve the FIP learning and physical environment.

FIP families and staff are welcome to contact us by email:

FIP Director on

FIP Staff Representative on

FIP Board Chairperson on